Growth Hormone Deficiency

Patients who are living with growth hormone deficiency face a number of challenges in successfully managing their disease—and transitioning from a pediatric to a new adult doctor can be yet another obstacle. A variety of resources have been developed to help the care team prepare for and successfully manage this transition.

PDF Forms

  • Assessment of Patient Skills

    This checklist can help the pediatric care team begin a conversation with the patient about what they need to do to successfully managing their growth hormone deficiency without parental supervision.

  • Patient Self-assessment of Worries, Concerns, and Burdens

    This resource provides an assessment of relevant psycho-social, familial, and cognitive factors that the adult care team should be aware of when caring for their new patient.

  • Clinical Summary

    This template should be used by the pediatric care provider to summarize the patient’s medical record, which is then transferred to the adult care provider.

  • Recommended Approach to Receiving a New Patient

    This resource serves as a receiving guideline for the adult provider and includes information on how to begin the final phase of the transition.

  • Dosing Guide

    This guide provides an overview of dosing strategies for patients with growth hormone deficiency.

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This program is supported by educational grants from Novo Nordisk Inc.