Turner Syndrome

Patients who are living with Turner Syndrome face a number of challenges in successfully managing their disease—and transitioning from a pediatric to a new adult doctor can be yet another obstacle. A variety of resources have been developed to help the care team prepare for and successfully manage this transition.

PDF Forms

  • Toolkit Overview

    This guide provides an overview of the Turner Syndrome transitions toolkit including how these resources were developed and how they are intended to be used.

  • Provider Assessment of Patient Skill Set

    This tool helps pediatricians to assess a young adult’s knowledge and skills regarding Turner Syndrome and its management in preparation for his/her transition to adult care providers.

  • Transition Readiness Assessment

    This is an assessment tool for adult care providers to identify gaps in self-care knowledge and skills, and to discuss any of these issues with their patients to ensure optimal management of their medical condition.

  • Clinical Summary & Transfer Record

    This form ensures that all essential clinical information related to the patient’s condition is included in his/her medical record upon transfer to adult practice. It must be completed by the referring provider and patient.

  • Dosing Standards for Estrogen

    This guide provides both pediatric and adult providers an overview of dosing strategies for patients with Turner Syndrome.

  • Recommended Approach for Transitioning into Adult Practice

    This resource provides a guideline for adult providers who plan to receive emerging adults with Turner Syndrome.

  • Recommended Approach for Planning for Pediatric Practices

    This resources provides a guideline for pediatricians who are preparing to transition their young adult patients with Turner Syndrome to an adult provider.

  • Adult Care Recommendations for Screening & Assessment

    This chart informs patients about which provider should be responsible for conducting various screenings and other assessments needed in adulthood.